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Health Club
fitness at the El Rancho Vegas


The Health Club was a prided addition to the El Rancho. It was a far cry from a modern athletic facility, but it served the purposes of the El Rancho Vegas's guests, who mostly wanted to "reduce" and get over hangovers. 

Looking at the pitches for men and women reveals a great deal about cultural conceptions of their needs.  Notice that men are asked to "relax" in response to the "morning after the night before," whereas women are supposed to be hard at work "reducing" and exercising.

It's funny that there is no reference at all to weight training or cardio, something that most people look for in a gym today.  Perhaps it was not until Olivia Newton-John persuaded people to "get physical" and really work out instead of lounging around in a steam bath.

1952 Advertisement for the Health Club


Sands Health Club- 0287 0098
This is a photo of the health club at the nearby Sands, a similar facility.

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