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The Mint in photos

The Mint

"Coining Your Pleasure"


This page features photos of the Mint Hotel and Casino, which Binion's Horseshoe absorbed in 1988. Most are undated and from the mid-1960s, before, during, and after the Mint's highrise addition was constructed.
For more information, see the Mint history page. This menu cover featured a stylized rendering of the Mint's facade. The Mint as it acutally looked after its highrise opened in 1965. There are a few notable differences in the tower's design.


Early Mint
The Mint's exterior, before the construction of the highrise tower in 1964. An even earlier view of the Mint before its expansion. A Fremont Street parade marking the kickoff of the Mint 400. Martin Stern's rendering of the highrise addition, 1963.
The Mint site before construction began in early 1964. The Mint's new parking garage, now of course part of the Horseshoe. An automobile used in a Mint promotion. Construction on the Mint tower nears completion.
coffee shop
The Mint's coffee shop--vintage 1960s design. Inside the Mint's casino--well-lit and airy. Bathing Beauties in front of a cake in the shape of the new hotel tower. Revelers cut a cake in the shape of a craps table at a celebration marking the birth of the "new" Mint.
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