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World Series of Poker: A Retrospective
Summary of 1983 Tournament
Notable Players
Jesse Alto
Crandall Addington
Amarillo Slim Preston
Aubrey Day
Betty Carey
Barbara Freer
Gabe Kaplan of Welcome Back Kotter
Sam Moon
Gene Fischer
Johnny Moss
Charles Dunwoody
Sam Petrillo
Hal Fowler
Bobby Baldwin
Jack Straus
Charles Dunwoody
Chip Resse
Perry Green
Ken Smith
Stu Ungar
Jay Heimowitz
Johnny Chan
Carl Cannon
Dewey Tomko
Larry Flynt, owner of Penthouse magazine
Grand Prize Winner: Tom McEvoy $540,000

Runners Up: Rod Peate $208,000, Doyle Brunson $104,000
Carl Mc Kelvey $54,000, Robbie Geers $54,000,
Donnacha O'Dea (first foreign player to place in the money) $43,200, John Squatty $ 21,600,
R.R. Pennington $21,60 and George Huber $21,600
Notes on Play


One hundred and eight poker players entered the WSOP Championship game of 1983, with a $1,040,000 in the pot at stake. Six previous World Poker Champion players entered the tournament and were also joined by celebrity Larry Flynt. At the end of day one thirty seven players exited the game including defending champ Jack Straus.

May 17th

Seventy-one poker players greeted each other at 1:00pm and thirty-eight players said goodbye at the end of the day. The players departing three included former World Poker Champions Stu Ungar, Puggy Pearson, and Amarillo Slim. These champions were also joined by the celebrity Gabe Kaplan and the only remaining female, Barbara Freer.

May 18th

Thirty-three poker players met on the third day of the tournament each one desiring to have the e$1,040,000 pot and the title World Champion. But only nine poker players made it to the end of the day. Larry Flynt was among the twenty four players to leave the game. Flynt lasted to 7:06 pm placing himself twelfth overall in the tournament.

May 19th

Nine poker players remained at the table each within hours away from determine who would be the World Champion. Rod Peate had the most money entering the day at $389,000 and was followed by Doyle Brunson at $252,500.

George Huber with only $28,000 was the first to exit the game at 12:44 pm.

Huber was followed swiftly by R. R. Pennington at 12:59pm.

Austin Squatty and Don O'Dea were dispensed with shortly after Pennington in the 1o'clock hour.

Robbie Geers fell at 2:20pm and was followed by Carl Mc Kelvey twenty five minutes later.

The former World Poker Champion Doyle Brunson exited the game at 3:30pm, leaving Rod Peate and Tom McEvoy to battler it out.

The final hand occurred 1:38 am.

McEvoy | Peate | Flop

2 Q | K J | 2 3 6 4 J

McEvoy won and claimed both the title and his share of the $1,040,000 pot.

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