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WSOP Retrospective
Gallery: 1960s, 2002


Coffee Shop
A corner of the casino . An alternate view of the same casino corner. Yet another angle. Some tables in the Binion's coffee shop. Players could stop here for a bite without leaving the action.
looking in bingo! $1 million  
The view from outside--note the sign banning minors from the casino, an early precursor of "Project 21." Restored photo of bingo players at the Horseshoe. This magazine cover has a picture of the famous $1 million display, along with some interested info. It may have been Jack Binion's personal copy.  
The entrance to Benny's Bullpen, scene of the 2002 tournament. Inside the Bullpen, the tournament proceeds. Outside the Bullpen, paintings of past tournament scenes grace the walls and display the history of the World Series. Another perspective of the Bullpen.
Binion's piece
Moss's piece
Some of the rules of the game--from above the cashier's cage. Benny Binion's Depression-era handpiece, now on display in the Horseshoe's casino This photo depicts a skylight over the entrance to the coffee shop. Another legendary poker player and tough guy, Johnny Moss, has his own gun on display as well.
Dalitz's piece
Moe Dalitz's gun, which looks to be an ornate showpiece, as opposed to the all-business weapons of Binion and Moss. Players wanting to take a break might visit the casino snackbar. One of the dealers plies his trade at the 2002 World Series of Poker.  
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