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Gallery: Outside the Horseshoe
This page features photos of the exterior of Binion's Horseshoe Casino and Hotel. Though they are primarily from the 1960s, there are enough photos to establish a visual and aesthetic chronolgy of the famous gambling hall. This gallery also has print and outdoor advertisements.
February 12, 1966
November 3, 1951
April 23, 1955
This print ad shows that, with Benny Binion back in charge, "action" was once again the premium attraction at the Horseshoe. Though Binion's name is not in this advertisement, the emphasis on action already shows his trademark, in late 1951. This advertisement shows the genesis of the million-dollar display.
November 11, 1950

Apache Hotel

Fremont at night, late 1940s
Daytime Fremont St.
Print advertisement for the Eldorado club shows some of the attractions of that gambling hall. This is the corner of 2nd and Fremont in 1943. The building that would house the Horseshoe is the Apache. Within 50 years the Horseshoe would take up the entire block. This shot of Fremont Street from 1948 shows the Horseshoe's predecessor, the Eldorado Club. The same shot, from a slightly different angle and during the day.
Joe W. Brown's Horseshoe
Before the sign
With the sign
Another perspective of the Eldorado Club. The Horseshoe during the 1950s when it was owned by New Orleans gambler Joe W. Brown. Once again owned by Binion, this is the Horseshoe in 1961, during the installation of its classic neon sign. With the epic sign now installed, Binion's is a beacon at night.
As the Horseshoe expanded, it added a sizeable garage. The garage, looking south from across the street. This color photograph somewhat captures the variegated nighttime excitement of the Horseshoe and Fremont Street. A lone rider heralds the coming of a great phenomenon....
The Binion's stagecoach! It was frequently used for charity and promotional events. The stagecoach at an appearance in Reno, with the indomitable Chill Wills at the reins. This billboard, at Tropicana Ave. and Paradise Road in Las Vegas, also directed visitors towards the excitement. Clearly geared towards more serious gamblers, this billboard in Las Vegas advertised the high limits that the Horseshoe was known for.
This sign, off the Tonopah highway, steered visitors towards the Horseshoe with the promise of the $1 million display. An excellent shot of the famous neon sign, circa 1979. A view of the famous horseshoe. An aerial view, looking north from over the Four Queens.
Fremont side

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Binion's Horseshoe History

The Horseshoe as seen from Ogden Street. The former Mint tower still rises above Fremont Street, now with a horseshoe on top. The view from Fremont Street--this used to be the Mint.
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