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Paradise Misplaced
Welcome to Paradise, Misplaced

"The Xanadu Theme"
An evocation of the casino's mood, in the builders' own words.

Paradise Misplaced
A brief history of the Xanadu.

Outside Views
Various perspectives of the architect's model.

Stranger than Paradise
A glimpse inside the speculative Xanadu.

Estimating Fantasy's Value
Pre-construction guesses of costs and profits for the Xanadu.

Las Vegas Then
An appraiser's report, statistics, maps, and photos of other casinosrecapture the zeitgeist of 1970s Las Vegas.

Remembering Martin Stern, Jr.
A look back at Xanadu architect Stern's life and work.

Kubla Khan
The S. T. Coleridge poem that inspired it all, with the author's explanation.

About this site
Where this site originated, and what it means.

Greeting card

This card was to have welcomed hotel guests and casino patrons to the Xanadu, a never-realized fantasy complex. 

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