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Summary of Findings: Hotel
Summmary of Findings: Hotel Statistics
from the appraiser's report

The following pages set forth a summary of existing “Strip” hotel facilities, including the number of sleeping rooms in each facility, the number of suites in each facility, the meeting or banquet capacity, the approximate size of the meeting and banquet facilities, inner-hotel facility ratios, room rate comparison, a map showing the location of each acility and.a photograph of each of the competing hotels.


Existing facilities range in size from approximately 230 rooms to approximately 2,108 rooms. It may be noted that of the hotel facilities on the “Strip”, there are only five currently having 1,000 rooms or more. When the expansion program to Caesars Palace is complete, it will be the fifth hotel on the “Strip’ having 1,000 rooms or more. The general trend of development on the “Strip” has been for the larger facilities. This allows management greater leeway in obtaining top entertainment for attractions and in supplying advertising and promotion in building business.

The sq. ft. of meeting space, the available capacity to available space, and the available banquet capacity to available space of competing hotels on the Las Vegas “Strip” are illustrated on the following chart entitled “Inner-hotel Ratios”.   Subject appears to be in a competitive-ppsition.

The reader is referred to the following charts showing the summary of existing “Strip” hotel facilities, inner-hotel ratios, and room rate comparison chart for a visual observation of existing comparative facilities on the “Strip”. Following the room rate comparison chart are photographs of each of the existing facilities on the “Strip”.



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