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International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking



The 15th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking  

Caesars Palace | Las Vegas, Nevada | May 27-31, 2013

Download the Call for Papers in pdf format

The Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming at the University of Nevada Reno, in partnership with the International Gaming Institute at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, invites paper and symposium submissions for The 15th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking, which will be held at Caesars Palace Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, from May 27 to May 31, 2013. Based on our experience with prior conferences, we anticipate over 200 academics, researchers, and gaming professionals from throughout the world will present and discuss findings of their work, covering a wide variety of gambling-related topics over the five days of the Conference.  

Since the First International Conference in 1974, the focus of this Conference has been on the presentation of high quality, objective, scientifically based research that contributes to the knowledge base of gambling, as well as the formation of responsible public policy and public perceptions of gaming industries, and competent regulation and management of gaming operations.  This is an important conference—important to the industry, to policy makers, to society at large, and to those who need a better understanding of the often complex issues surrounding gambling.  Papers and proposals for Symposium Sessions are invited in the following areas related to gambling and commercial gaming:

  • Economic and social impacts
  • Political and regulatory issues
  • Public policy and gambling
  • Problem and pathological gambling
  • Illegal gambling
  • Gambling in history
  • Futures markets
  • Implications of new technologies
  • Mathematical & quantitative analysis of gambling
  • Econometric modeling of gaming industries
  • Gambling in different cultures
  • Psychology of gambling and risk taking
  • Gambling and sports

Business, regulatory, fiscal and social aspects of:

  • Casinos and casino-related gaming
  • State lotteries and lottery products
  • Racinos, Riverboat Casinos, and Integrated Resort Casinos
  • Racing and Bookmaking
  • Bingo and Charitable Gambling
  • Indian Gaming in the U.S. and Canada
  • Internet and social media gambling
  • Internet Sweepstakes Cafés
  • Fantasy sports and related near-gambling products
  • Electronic Gaming Devices
  • Intersections of gaming and hospitality

View programs for the 11th to 14th Conferences here.

The objective of the Conference is to stimulate research and facilitate discussion and understanding about gambling and commercial gaming throughout the world. Over the past five decades society has witnessed many forms of gambling that have become increasingly legalized and legitimized.  Commercial gaming has played an increasing role in communities, among entertainment options, and within the public policy discourse.  In the past generation, many individual forms of commercial gaming have evolved, reached maturity, and struggled to reinvent themselves in response to competitive pressures and changing consumer preferences and technological capabilities.  Today, policy makers continue to seek answers to difficult questions that gambling—as a business, as an activity, as a vice, and as a public policy tool—presents to society. The International Conferences date back to 1974, and are recognized as the premier venue that brings together academic, research and policy experts from all over the world, representing a diverse array of disciplines and points of view, to examine and analyze gambling from many perspectives.  Leaders and representatives from commercial gaming industries, academia, research organizations, regulatory agencies, and the helping services—as well as gamblers and the general public—will gather in Las Vegas to present and evaluate research, discuss new trends and technologies, and explore the changes and challenges created by the increased presence and economic importance of commercial gaming industries throughout the world.

Submission Instructions: Individuals or organizations wishing to submit a paper should send the following information via email to:

For paper submissions, the following information is requested.  Submissions for papers will be evaluated until January 31, 2013.  Please, no more than two submissions per author or group of authors:

  • Title of paper, along with primary author and title
  • An abstract of the paper not to exceed 250 words  
  • Author and co-authors’ names, addresses, affiliations, phone numbers and e-mail addresses  
  • A brief bibliography of related work

For symposium session submissions, the following information is requested.  Submissions for symposium sessions will be evaluated until January 31, 2013:    

  • Proposed title of symposium, along with primary session organizer and tentative list of participants ·        
  • An abstract of the symposium session not to exceed 500 words ·        
  • Session organizer’s and session participants’ names, addresses, affiliations, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses

The information requested for submission should be complete to receive consideration.  Submission proposals will be accepted until January 31, 2013.  Early submissions are encouraged.

If you have questions regarding a proposal or for more information on the Conference, please contact:

Ms. Cheryl Olson Director, Management and Executive Education
International Gaming Institute University of Nevada Las Vegas/6027
Las Vegas, Nevada  89154-6037
PH: 702-895-3248     
FAX: 702-895-1135

Paper Presenters and Symposium Participants accepted on the program, along with all Conference delegates, will be subject to a registration fee.  Paper sessions are 90 minutes long with (typically) three papers per session, with moderator and discussant.  Authors (with their co-authors) should plan on twenty-minute presentations per paper, allocating about five minutes for questions and answers.

Download the Call for Papers in pdf format

For more information on the conference, see the websites at: and

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