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About this exhibit
learning from the El Rancho Vegas

El Rancho
The El Rancho at night.

This exhibit was created by David G. Schwartz, the director of the Center for Gaming Research at UNLV.     

In building this exhibit, Dr. Schwartz drew on two models: that of a regular casino web page and that of a more traditional historical exhibit. 

Pages that you find on the left-side menu bar are more or less approximations of what the El Rancho Vegas's website would have looked like if it had had one: you can learn about the the casino, the rooms, and the dining options. It's actually more informative than some real casino websites you'll find. It presents a static view of an eternally-unchanging El Rancho Vegas.

The pages you reach through the right-side menu bar, though, reflect change through time.  The "story" page and its linked sub-pages contain a representative sample of the extant material published about the El Rancho Vegas.  The "advertising" page, similarly, has a number of print ads hyping the El Rancho Vegas.  And the "artifacts" page is the most "museum-like" of all--it has photos of surviving bits of the El Rancho Vegas held at Special Collections.

None of this material is for sale or auction (sorry, collectors!).  We are however, an excellent place to deposit your personal or institutional archives for posterity.  If you are interested in donating materials or papers to UNLV Special Collections, click here.

The El Rancho Vegas is visible in the left of this photo, taken from the Riviera in the late 1950s

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS:  Dr. Schwartz would like to thank the following people for helping put this together. That includes of course all of the men and women who worked in the El Rancho Vegas throughout its 19-year history.  

Closer to home, Josh Cannady, Special Collections student worker, provided great assistance by photographing the artifacts as artfully captured here.  Everyone in UNLV Special Collections, including Peter Michel (Director), Su Kim Chung (Manuscripts Librarian), Kathy War (Library Assistant), Jonnie Kennedy (Library Assitant), and Joyce Marshall (Library Assistant) helped with this exhibit as well.

In 2007, Dr. Schwartz re-visited the exhibit, eliminating some aspects (the link page and guest book), bringing the exhibit into rough conformity with UNLV web standards, and improving the navigation. In early 2009, he re-visited it again,

St. Cyr

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