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Marketing the El Rancho Vegas

     Over the years, the El Rancho Vegas advertised its featured performers in several outlets.  One of them was Jack Cortez's Fabulous Las Vegas, the premier what's-going-on-in-Vegas weekly of its day.  Collected here is a representative sample of print ads from 1950 onward.  For almost every issue in the years 1950-1960, the El Rancho Vegas had one of the magazine's most visible ad spaces--inside the front cover, immediately above the Hotel Last Frontier (later New Frontier).  

     It would be difficult to accuse the El Rancho Vegas's marketing department of great originality; during their ten-year weekly run (a total over over 500 ads) there were only three distinct designs:  The first, which ran in 1950-51, featured most prominently the name of the headliner(s) and the casino itself.  The second featured a dominant graphical representation of the windmill, while the final template, used from 1954 on, was a spartan playbill-type notice, giving the Opera House theater top notice. 

    In general, the print ads merely plugged who was playing in the theater that week.  During Christmas week, Cortez ran a special holiday version of his magazine that featured thank-you ads from casinos, individual and group employees, entertainers, and business owners.

Thank you from the bosses.

Jack Cortez's Fabuolous Las Vegas

Fabulous Las Vegas was the one of the main advertising outlets for the El Rancho Vegas. Below is a representative sample of the full run of ads appearing there.

Ames Brothers
August 12, 1950

Kirby Stone Quintet
November 21, 1951

Holiday Wishes
December 22, 1951

The Exotic Other
April 5, 1952

Louis Prima
December 20, 1952

Ben Blue and Dorothy Dandridge
October 10, 1953

Nat "King" Cole
January 9, 1954

Thanks from Nat
January 16, 1954

Mr. B
November 10, 1956

Joe E. Lewis
 May 24, 1958

Uncle Milltie
December 25, 1959

Last Days of the El Rancho
May 26, 1960

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