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the material culture of the El Rancho Vegas

Although the Hotel El Rancho Vegas has been reduced to a vacant lot, it endures in the memories of its guests and employees.  Fortunately, for those who were not around for the glory days of the place at the sign of the windmill, several artifacts from the El Rancho Vegas have been preserved.  Browse the photos below to see the El Rancho Vegas come to life.


Ashtray Collection


Roulette for smokers


Ashtray Another ashtray
Detail another view
Shoe Care at the El Rancho Vegas Shoe Shine Shoehorns Shoeshine   To see relics from the big fire, visit the Fire page.
Fine dining




placemat placemat coasters napkins
check check detail Another glass

 Another view

glass Silverware
Silverware Silverware Paper
Paper cup
sewing awat
Sewing Kit
Keychain Holders
Cigarette Holders
not what you think...
Milk bottle cap
mini soap soap Custom soap These photographs were arranged and shot by UNLV Special Collections student assistant Joshua Cannady.

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