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music, comedy and fun at the El Rancho Vegas

New Years fun


The El Rancho Vegas was a place for premier entertainment in Las Vegas for nearly twenty years.  In fact, it is one of the casino resorts that helped to define Las Vegas as the entertainment capital of the world, to the extent that entertainment is defined as an art practiced in lounges and stages by comics, singers, and dancers.

The El Rancho had two main entertainment venues: the dinner theater (first called the Round-Up Room but, after 1951, known as the Opera House), and Nugget Nell's cocktail lounge. The headliners played the Opera House, while the lounge acts predictably played the cocktail lounge.

The adveristements below show both the diversity of acts at the El Rancho Vegas and its late night schedule. The gallery of entertainers below them include some of the brightest luminaries to appear at the El Rancho Vegas.

Some of the noted headliners to pass through the El Rancho Vegas included Chico Marx, Betty Grable, Sophie Tucker, Lili St. Cyr, Dorothy Dandridge, Yma Sumac, and the perennial attraction Joe E. Lewis.


Click here for a list of headliners in the Opera House

El Rancho Girls
The El Rancho Girls, the chorus line accompaniement for the El Rancho Vegas's dinner theater headliners.

Advertising the talent!
Headliners could expect their names on this sign across the Strip from the resort.

El Rancho girls
The El Rancho Girls in another stage spectacular.

Oil Color Excitement!

To the left is an advertisement for what might have been-high culture Las Vegas, sixty years ago. But visitors didn't want to soak in art while vacationing--they would rather be visually stimulated by eye candy like Candy Barr or amused by the clownings of Joe E. Lewis.


Ad from Hendeson Home News, August 5, 1948.

Just for Hollis Mason....
Las Vegas was always a late nite town.

Late Nite Calypso

A Nightclub Marxist
Marxism in Vegas

Gallery of the Stars at the El Rancho Vegas
Betty Grable
Sophie Tucker
Candy Barr
Joe E. Lewis
Captain Lisa Tiberius Kirk of the Starship El Rancho
Eartha Kitt
Lilli St. Cyr
More Lilli St. Cyr

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