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About the GSRC (Mission, What We Do, Contact Info)

Mission Statement

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Special Collections

The Gaming Studies Research Center is a world-class center for the scholarly analysis of gambling and gaming issues.  Our main resource is the Gaming Collection which is part of Special Collections at UNLV's state-of-the-art Lied Library.  Students, faculty and community members interested in academically-oriented gaming research are welcome to use the collection. We share a mission of promoting excellence in gaming education and research with the International Gaming Institute, which is a recognized center for industry professionals. 

Broadly defined, we serve as an unbiased, "nondenominational" clearinghouse of data on the business of gaming, its economic and social impacts and its historical and cultural manifestations.  We have no overarching research agenda and are not directly affiliated with any casino company, gaming manufacturer, trade association, or state regulatory agency. 

The GSRC is committed to providing support for scholarly inquiry into all aspects of gaming.  We serve as an unparalleled resource for students, faculty, and independent scholars.  Many unique primary resources can be found only within the Collection. The Gaming Studies Collection's Las Vegas location has made it a natural repository for data on Nevada's gaming industry, but we also have a wide range of information about jurisdictions throughout the world.  The Gaming Studies Collection is, by consensus, the repository of record for the commercial casino industry; we preserve and make accessible company documents, state publications, and other important resources. Through our website,, we offer several unique research tools and guides to gaming research.

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Lied Library, UNLV

What we do

  1. Collect, archive, and preserve primary research materials concerning gaming and related issues (i.e., company and state documents).
  2. Maintain the world's largest library collection of books written about gambling, both scholarly and popular.
  3. Maintain the world's largest collection of gaming and related periodicals and serials.
  4. Collect unique historical material in the form of company and personal manuscript collections and papers.
  5. Conduct oral history interviews with those involved in the gaming industry.
  6. Assist academic researchers, media professionals, industry members, and the generally curious in answering research questions about gaming and related issues.
  7. Answer or refer media inquiries about gaming and related issues.
  8. Provide access to archived materials for researchers and production crews.
  9. "Publish" articles and reports of special interest in our online Reading Room.
  10. Make accessible as many resources as possible through this website, .

What we don't do

  1. Conduct our own original surveys of gaming behavior.
  2. Conduct original studies on the gaming industry.
  3. Recommend which gaming stocks to invest in.
  4. Do contract research or extensive reference research work.
  5. Appraise collectibles or other items of possible historical value--although we do have many guides to slot and chip collecting in our catalog.
  6. Run gaming conferences or management seminars.
  7. Offer counseling or treatment for problem gambling.
  8. Offer online courses or certificate programs.

There are many specialists who do all of these things--you can find links to most of them through this site. To learn more about how this site works, go here.


Who to contact

For questions about the content of a page, contact the applicable professor.

For questions about classes on campus or online, contact the Hotel College.

For questions about UNLV Special Collections' photographs, contact Special Collections.

For broken links or information about the Gaming Collection, contact Dave Schwartz.

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