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Neon Survey
NASCAR Cafe (Sahara)
Description of sign(s)

1. Name: NASCAR Cafe (at the Sahara)

2. Owner: {owner}

3. Address: 2535 South Las Vegas Blvd.

3b. Additional Site Details: Located in Sahara casino's Sahara Ave. side.

4. Condition: Structure 5} Surface 5 Lighting 5}

Notes: See description

5. Form: fasica

6. Specfic Description: {descrip}

7. Type of Display: neon, incandescent, backlit, ambient

8. Media: steel, plastic

9. Non-neon treatments: graphics, paint

10. Animation: chasing, flashing, oscillating

Notes: see specific description

11. Environment: {environment}

Artistic Context

1. Manufacturer: Mikhon Lighting and sign

2. Designer: unkn

3. Date of Installation: 2000

4. Date(s) of any major redesign/move: n/a

5. Thematic Influence: {theme}

6. Artistic Significance: n/a

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