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Neon Survey
Bourbon Street

Description of sign(s)

1. Name: Bourbon Street Casino

2. Owner: Carma LTD

3. Address: 120 East Flamingo Rd. 737-0283

3b. Additional Site Details: Bourbon Street is located between the Maxim and the Barbary Coast on the north side of Flamingo, stretching to the corner of Audrie and Flamingo. The building contains elements such as brick masonry, stucco and wrought iron grating. It is a smaller property compared to nearby plots such as Bally's or the Flamingo. Extending north a short distance for a structure of rooms and parking, the signage consists of wall signs on the east and west sides of the building, a main sign on the south side of the building, a sidewalk and window canopies, as well as a main pylon.

4. Condition: Structure 3 } Surface 3 Lighting 3--notes: The entire façade of the building, as well as canopies are badly faded and in need of attention.

Notes: See description

5. Form: plyon, fasica, porte cochere

6. Specfic Description: Headed west on Flamingo the first signage visible of the Bourbon Street is on the east face of the main building. A giant stucco arch, which runs the height of the building, is adorned at the very top with a round canopy. The canopy is divided into striped sections of red and white alternating panels, separated by gold aluminum polished raceways lined with incandescent bulbs. The canopy's underside is laden with incandescent bulbs. White channel letters reside on the surface of the building spelling out " Bourbon Street," with one word above the other. The letters are filled with white neon. Below the word "Street," the words "Hotel Casino," are spelled in channel letters and filled with red neon. Below the collection of channel letters and canopy, the majority of the space is occupied with an internally lit plastic screen with vinyl letters. Two small canopies flank the arch over two windows and also contain incandescent bulb raceways. The top edge of the building is gold polished raceways with incandescent bulbs. Along the south side of the building, long canopies are hung upon the top edge of the wall hanging over backlit plastic screens with vinyl letters. The middle of the building is an archway projected out into space creating an extension of the side of the building. The same canopy design seen on the east side of the building is seen at the top of the structure only larger in size. It is also treated with the same raceway and incandescent bulb design. "Bourbon Street" is spelled in al capital channel letters outlined in red neon and filled with incandescent bulbs. Above and below the text on the wall, white neon is bent into decorative, scrollwork patterns. The very top of the arch is crowned with a single internally lit spherical bulb. Below the text a cabinet with rounded top corners, houses channel letters filled with red neon. It is bordered with a raceway lined with incandescent bulbs. Projecting out on either side of this cabinet, along the face of the building, hanging over the sidewalk, is a canopy with an exoskeleton of raceways lined with incandescent bulbs. On the wall of the building, between the two top and bottom canopies, and on either side of the main entrance two small canopies hang over windows. They are treated the same as the window canopies on the east side of the building. On the west end of the property there is a small porte-cochere, and covered walkway that extends west to the end of the property. At a slightly higher elevation than the façade's canopy, the porte-cochere is a square design with the same external raceways and bulbs, the same can be said for the walkway extending to the edge of the property. The canopies look to be made of steel and painted to match the color scheme of the establishment. The underside of the porte-cochere is comprised of squared mirrored paneling illuminated with incandescent bulbs. On the west side of the building above the porte-cochere the same canopy and arch design can be seen but the text is more akin to the text on the south side of the building. The channel letters spell the text Bourbon Street in two lines. They are outlined in red neon and filled with incandescent bulbs. The text "Hotel Casino" is represented in channel letters filled with red neon. The only difference is the yellow neon design placed in between the two words. To the left of this sign, along the top edge of the building the canopy design picks up again hovering above a backlit sign message board. On the extreme west end of the property the main pylon sign faces east/west on the northeast corner. The sign basically consists of a large pole with a double-backed cabinet, crowned with the umbrella canopy shape seen throughout the property. The cabinet is of rectangular design with the corners cut out in a circular shape. The majority of the sign is occupied by the red neon bordered channel letters, which read "Bourbon Street". These are also filled with incandescent bulbs. The text "Hotel Casino" is spelled in channel letters and outlined on the interior with red neon. The left and right sides of the word "Street" are occupied with a channel scrollwork design lined with yellow neon. A channel pattern also separates the words "Hotel" and "Casino" This patterns appears to be like a flier de lie with its mirror image attached to it from the bottom. It too is filled with yellow neon. The face of the cabinet is lined with a raceway containing incandescent bulbs. The umbrella canopy occupies the top of the sign. It is fully realized in the round, with the exterior skeleton of the raceways with incandescent bulbs. The underside is also mirrored with incandescent bulbs spread across the surface. At the very top of the umbrella shape a streetlight puts the finishing touches on the sign. A small sign worth mentioning sits north of the main pylon at the edge of a small parking lot for the facility. It is a small backlit cabinet denoting hotel registration and parking. The rectangular cabinet sits upon a small pole with a rounded section incorporated into its design. On the plastic portion of this rounded extension the words "Bourbon Street" are graphically painted along with the image of the red and white canopy.

7. Type of Display: neon, incandescent, backlit

8. Media: steel, fiberglass, glass

9. Non-neon treatments: paint

10. Animation: oscillation, chasing

Notes: All the incandescent bulbs on the raceways that are visible, chase each from other top to bottom. The incandescent bulbs, which line the raceways on the umbrella shape on the main pylon, chase each other downward as well as around the border of the face of the sign. The underside of the umbrella is also encrusted with incandescent bulbs, which oscillate. The text on the pylon sign all light up simultaneously in an oscillating pattern, they then steady burn, then shut off. The main logo marquee seen on the south face of the building contains the same animation seen on the pylon sign as well. The small vertical raceways underneath the porte-cochere also animate by chasing downward.

11. Environment: Headed west toward the strip on Flamingo, the defunct Maxim is almost invisible at night, while the first active property is the Bourbon Street. The main pylon resides directly across Audrie from the Battista's pylon, making a flanking neon gateway to northern bound travelers on Audrie.

Artistic Context

1. Manufacturer: YESCO

2. Designer: {design}

3. Date of Installation: 1984-5

4. Date(s) of any major redesign/move: n/a

5. Thematic Influence: The theme of the Bourbon Street is evident in it's, name being influenced by the Mardi Gras party atmosphere of New Orleans. The new Orleans theme itself is reminiscent of turn of the century America. The canopies and brass railing are reminiscent of properties such as the Westward Ho, with its umbrellas, brass treatments and raceways as well. The pylon is reminiscent of a close neighbor in the Barbary Coast, with similar style 19th century block text, and color palette.

6. Artistic Significance: {art}

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