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Neon Survey
Laughing Jackalope

Description of sign(s)

1. Name: Laughing Jackalope

2. Owner: Dan, Ron and Randy Horowitz

3. Address: 3969 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 7391915

3b. Additional Site Details: The motel resides on the east side of the strip, and is one of the larger properties on the southern tip of Las Vegas Blvd. The facility fits into the typical model of the roadside motel on this portion of the strip. An official building sits on the north side of the property and precedes a span of pavement centered with a pool, and backed by the flanking wings of rooms. A pylon side is on the north end of the property, across a span of pavement from a grass island with a rather large statue of an elephant made of fiberglass. In the near distance behind the island, the pool house for the said pool, is adorned with distinct neon as well.

4. Condition: Structure 3 Surface 2 Lighting 4

Notes: Certain neon tubes around the top of the building are falling and n disarray. Besides that, the signage seems to be in good repair.

5. Form: plyon, fasica

6. Specfic Description: On the north face of the building, two internally lit, horizontal, rectangular cabinets. Located on the right hand side of the plane of the wall, the yellow steel cabinets hang in close proximity to each other. One in the top right-hand corner, and one sitting right below the former. Both signs are identical in size and a yellow raceways which are lined with incandescent bulbs. The face of the top cabinet reads "Laughing Jackalope", in smaller text on the left hand side, while the rest of the sign is occupied by all capital, yellow, text reading "Bar & Grill." The bottom sign reads "Progressive Video Poker," and "24 HR." Moving around to the west face of the building, another internally lit cabinet rests on the wall above the main entrance. This cabinet has rounded ends, but is the same as the previous two in color and design. This surface reads "Bar & Grill" in yellow text, flanked on either side by the angled logo text, which reads "Laughing Jackalope," also in yellow text. Further south, down the face of the building, above the driveway to the covered valet, a cabinet hangs, which is identical to the one above the main entrance. The only difference is the text. The text reads "Video Poker" in large, all capital, yellow letters. The same two signs seen on the west face are represented on the south as well. The one that reads, "Video Poker," hangs on the left near the "Bar & Grill" cabinet. The pylon sign resides further south in the parking lot. A two sided rectangular pylon rests atop a square post which transforms into a "V" shape. The inverted triangular section supports, an internally lit, black, double-backed cabinet. The face of the cabinet is designed with two sections. The top third of the face is an LED message center, while the remaining two-thirds is purple backlit plastic with Yellow text. The text reads in two lines, "Motel, Bar, & Grill." The rectangular cabinet rises out of the top of the previous cabinet, with the vertical edges angling slightly outward. At the top of the sign, upon the purple steel surface, the "Laughing Jackalope" logo text is spelled in yellow channel letters, and outlined with neon. The interiors are lined with yellow neon on the interior, and on the outside is lined with red. The remainder of the face of the cabinet is occupied by a two-dimensional cabinet. It is crafted into the shape of jackalope/ man figure, playing a slot machine. The surface of the cabinet is graphically treated with the details of the figure and apparatus. Silver coins adorn a pink face, complete with the proper details of a slot machine. The figure is treated appropriately as well, with brown antlers, and white tuxedo. The exterior of the cabinet is painted yellow with a yellow raceway border, lined with incandescent bulbs.

7. Type of Display: neon, incandescent, backlit

8. Media: steel, plastic

9. Non-neon treatments: graphics, paint

10. Animation: chasing, flashing

Notes: Each one of the letters on the laughing jackalope pylon illuminate one at a time, starting from left to right. They all simultaneously flash off then on then off before restarting the sequence

11. Environment: The environment for the Laughing Jackalope is interesting. Not only is it present on the declining, and simultaneously growing southern end of the strip. It stands out in the dusty remains of the south standing in purple and yellow, screaming at who ever walks by, with an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the garish imagery portrayed by authors such as Hunter S. Thompson. It almost seems surreal, yet fits right in with the surroundings as well. The motel portion fits into the typical design of the roadside motel. Across the street, the Mandalay Bay and the Luxor remind the laughing Jackalope of its place, and maybe imminent fate. The signs are very pedestrian friendly, providing access right up close.

Artistic Context

1. Manufacturer: Diamond Head Signs

2. Designer: unkn

3. Date of Installation: 1997

4. Date(s) of any major redesign/move: Before the Laughing Jackalope was opened it was a property called the Sunbird Inn.

5. Thematic Influence: An interesting theme presented in this southern Las Vegas Blvd. Property is centered around the fictitious animal called named the Jackalpoe, presumably a presentation of the marriage of an antelope and rabbit bodies. Other than the presence of him as a mascot, the theme presented is none other than the aesthetics of hue and nature of the establishment. The hanging wall cabinets are adorned on the edges with raceways lined with incandescent bulbs that chase each other in a rapid fashion, along with a uniform design of font in a combatant duel of the complimentary colors of purple and yellow. It definitely fits into the common design rubric of animation and placement as well as that of the roadside motel. The low level bank of rooms further east on the lot from Las Vegas Blvd is accompanied by a bar and grill. The Laughing Jackalope

6. Artistic Significance: n/a

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