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Neon Survey

Description of sign(s)

1. Name: O'Shea's Casino

2. Owner: Park Place Entertainment

3. Address: 3555 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

3b. Additional Site Details: O'Shea's Casino is located just north across a small driveway from the Flamingo. The small but busy façade is a small, yet busy stop along the Las Vegas Strip. The exterior signage consists of two corner signs, a blade sign, hanging off of the west face of the building, a main entrance sign, backlit screens as well as various images laden with neon. All of these create a flashing display of luminescence all just above the pedestrian's head.

4. Condition: Structure 5 Surface 5 Lighting 5

Notes: See description

5. Form: fasica

6. Specfic Description: O'Shea's Casino is located just north across a small driveway from the Flamingo. O'Shea's theme and signage is influenced by Irish culture and imagery, integrated into the forms of signage along the Las Vegas Strip. The building design itself is influenced by traditional European housing imagery, generalized with other elements of architecture also. One example of this is the coloring, exposed wooden beams and narrow rooflines over treated windows, which suggest styles seen in classic European architectural imagery. Examples of other elements such as sculpted windowsills and exterior molding are more akin to neoclassical than the Irish pub or cottage. A small blade sign hangs in the center of the structure facing north /south. Attached off of the building by two poles, the double sided cabinet is designed with a circular portion at the top that transforms along it's bottom edge into length portion of the "blade" that continues down to a rounded bottom. The Circular portion serves as the "O" in O'Shea's. The exterior of the signs width is finished in a polished gold aluminum surface. The top portion continues into a full circular space in the front where the backlit image of the O'Shea's leprechaun mascot resides in it's center. The image has a circular green neon border at the edge of the cabinet and is set into a field of incandescent bulbs, which occupy the remaining space in the face of the "O". Incandescent bulbs also run around the edge of a face on a gold raceway. Channel letters run vertically down the face of the blade spelling the remaining "Sea's" of the title. Each letter is filled with incandescent bulbs, and bordered on it's exterior in green neon. The remainder of the space, which comprises the surface of the sign, is a green material. The entire edge of the rest of the sign is also bordered with incandescent bulbs. Below the blade sign, the main entrance for the establishment is denoted by the large, arched, marquee logo, and wall sign for the casino. The arch shape is bordered by gold polished raceways, with the interior space where the O'Shea's logo is written in a bowed, horizontal arrangement with the "O" and "S" being the biggest letters in this group. The same back-lit leprechaun figure which is present in the blade sign, in seen in the "O" of the logo. The letters are of channel design and filled with incandescent bulbs. Gold scrollwork adorns the green background above and on the sides of the logo. An entablature, running the length below the arch, reads "casino" in channel letters filled with incandescent bulbs and bordered with green neon. The orange background in contained on the bottom edge with a gold polished raceway, which sharply curves into a downward point at the very center. All the raceway edges of the sign are lined with incandescent bulbs. Flanking the wall on either side of the main entrance are two backlit message centers with vinyl lettering. They also are bordered with incandescent bulbs, strewn upon polished raceways. To the south toward the Flamingo Casino, a corner marquee sign faces toward the southwest. The message center on the right of the main entrance essentially continues its shape wrapping in radius fashion all the way around the corner. As the entablature wraps the corner, the color changes to a section of black, containing the channel letters hung at a slight angle, spelling the words " Hall of Fame," in cursive text. Small stars in channel design adorn the black background. On the left of the text, O'Shea's is painted in red paint, in a cursive script at a similar angle as the premier text. Neon is shaped over the surface of the letters to allow it to be spelled in light. The word "Casino" is spelled on the right hand side, and treated in the same fashion. A top the black portion of pediment, the sign continues with it's corner finishing, rounded marquee, containing the text, "Magic & Movie," in a three lined arrangement. Putting the two signs together the appropriate title for the advertisement of the attraction is read "Magic and Movie Hall of Fame." The channel letters on the top portion are filled with neon and treated white on the interiors. The edge of the cabinet is treated with white bull nose borders, sandwiching a field of pink holding two tubes of contoured neon. At the peak of the sign a small element reminiscent of a fan, created using a multi layered box, uses different levels receding into space, with the center blade at the front of the sign. The sections are lined with gold raceways and incandescent bulbs, with the center blade being horizontally striped with tubes of neon. Two small gold finished gargoyle statues flank either side of the theatre-esque entrance. Underneath the overhang created by the corner sign, polished aluminum element creates a sloping drum shape above the door. This drum is divided into sections by gold polished raceways. The flat portion, which returns to the ceiling of the overhang is adorned with painted images of clovers, encircled in rings of green neon. This section is reminiscent of the top section of the corner drum of the Barbary Coast. The black pediment along the south portion of the building., abruptly changes to the orange color seen on the main entrance. Along the south wall section of the pediment green pan channels in the shape of clovers hang, lined on the interior with neon. A small sign denoting parking is also present. Another corner entrance is located on the north end of the property, facing northwest. It too has the rounded corner entrance and logo sign. Slightly different than the main entrance, the same "Casino text and structure is seen on the orange pediment above the door, as well as the channel logo with the mascot located in the letter "O." A three-sectioned panel with swooping wings and an arched center creates the field for the main logo. A more busy section of two dimensional scrollwork sits below the neon filled text. The wings of the top section a recessed panels with checkerboard design behind that. Each side of the entire top section is book ended with two small square posts. Three small miniature spires line the very top, and the same inverted drum shape sits underneath the door. Street posts reside on the sidewalk outside.

7. Type of Display: neon, incandescent, backlit

8. Media: steel, plastic

9. Non-neon treatments: n/a

10. Animation: chasing, oscillating

Notes: all incandescent bulbs chase each other

11. Environment: Being essentially part of the Flamingo, O'Shea's is only separated by a small drive, producing the easy traffic flow from the north entrance of the former. The north of O'Shea's on the immediate vertical explosion of the front tower/porte cochere of the Imperial Palace. It is easy to say that O'Shea's is sandwiched in between two giants, assuming its place as the charming gap between the Flamingo and the Imperial Palace which is quite a bit more pedestrian friendly. Traveling north on the east side of the strip, O'Shea's is not hard to miss at all

Artistic Context

1. Manufacturer: unkn

2. Designer: unkn

3. Date of Installation: Original date of installation 1989. The southwest, and northwest corner signage were added ??

4. Date(s) of any major redesign/move: n/a

5. Thematic Influence: O'Shea's centers around the theme of the Irish pub, utilizing various imagery to get support the design. The color green is used extensively in the main signs color scheme while the ever-popular image of the folkloric leprechaun illuminated it a cartoon form upon the pylon. The green pan channels, which are shaped like shamrocks, are place along the exterior wall, an obvious reference to the St. Patrick's Day Holiday as well a reference to good luck. ( example: the four-leaf clover, luck of the Irish.) Luck is something synonymously associated with an industry such as gaming. Gold is also used extensively with the exterior referencing the infamous pot of gold associated with the lore of leprechauns. The actual structure itself is constructed with elements which suggest a European rustic cottage.

6. Artistic Significance: n/a

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