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Neon Survey
Pollyana Inn

Description of sign(s)

1. Name: Pollyanna Inn (UNFINISHED SURVEY)

2. Owner: {owner}

3. Address: {address}

3b. Additional Site Details: North of the Klondike on the east side of Las Vegas Blvd., the Pollyana Inn sits separated on both sides by vacant lots. The establishment is no longer functioning, but is still present and standing. Inside an ornate, and locked, wrought iron gate, the Pollyana Inn sits dark, no cars present, and no patrons around. The closed facility sits separated from the street by a small parking lot. It too follows the true form of the roadside motel with its front office combined with a covered car port, then opening up into a square parking lot surrounded by lowrise stretches of adjacent rooms. The salmon and white alternating stripes of the buildings exterior surface is reminiscent of the color schemes popular in the establishment's heyday. In the cracked and broken pavement in the parking lot, small statuary of animals adorn the dying flowed beds, and shrubbery. Many of the plants still exist and flourish on the property. On the north side of the parking lot a statuette of a lion looks out onto the street and a fountain sits next to the building. In the center of the front of the lot, a triangular shaped, brick planter, home to bushes, a statuette of an elephant along with the pole sign for the property. The right of the lot is bordered off by a large non-functional, broken down internally lit message cabinet.

4. Condition: Structure 3 Surface 3 Lighting 3

Notes: See description

5. Form: plyon

6. Specfic Description: The pylon sign for the establishment's roadside pole sign is located in the triangular planter, facing north/south on the west edge of the property. A white steel pole supports an internally lit, double backed, white, plastic faced message cabinet. The cabinet is actually two narrow, horizontal, rectangular cabinets stacked on top of each other. The exterior steel casing is painted a dark olive hue. The top cabinet spells "Pollyanna Motel" in red plastic letters, with vinyl lettering on the message board below. Small steel cabinet is attached to the west side of the underbelly of the sign. "Vacancy is spelled in white text with neon spelling "No". The pole continues up through the top of the cabinet and is crowned with a small ,internally lit, brown cabinet. A yellow raceway with incandescent bulbs runs along the entire outer edge. The yellow plastic face has the image of a tilted sombrero on it.

7. Type of Display: neon, incandescent, backlit

8. Media: steel, plastic

9. Non-neon treatments: graphics, paint

10. Animation: chasing, flashing

Notes: {animnotes}

11. Environment: {environment}

Artistic Context

1. Manufacturer: unkn

2. Designer: unkn

3. Date of Installation: unkn

4. Date(s) of any major redesign/move: n/a

5. Thematic Influence: n/a

6. Artistic Significance: n/a

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